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Prayers of thanksgiving

The Durban Central Baptist Church family we are deeply thankful and grateful to our Almighty God for his mercy and grace… and wonder He has done for the life of our Sister Isabella. In fact as we all know our Sister was involved in a tragic accident that cost the lives of her mother and brother. Sister Isabella her mother and brother were traveling to North West to attend the funerals of the Uncle who had passed on. As they were traveling in the early hours of Sunday 24/06/2018 the car lost control and overturned multiple times. All passengers were declared deceased on the scene by paramedics and taken to the mortuary. Hours later our Sister Isabella was found by a mortuary official still fighting for her life. And the attendant called for assistance and they removed our sister and took her to the hospital and placed her in intensive care unit (ICU) where she has been recovering.

This news has already made headlines in the past weeks in our country and even in internal media.

As the church family we kindly thank our Almighty God for this miracle that He has done in the life of our Sister. As church again we continue to pray for the our Sister for complete recovery and healing. We also continue to appeal for everyone to continue supporting our Sister in prayer, morally and in-kind. We serve the Almighty God, the Greatest Doctor and Healer… the Miracle working God! And we trust He will complete the work. Our Sister’s life will remain living testimony of the Glory of our God.

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